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~Ortho-Bionomy® and Craniosacral Trainings~

Including Craniosacral and Ortho-Bionomy® Cranial, Lymphatic Balancing and Neuroendocrine Workshops

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If you've already registered, thank you! We look forward to sharing this incredible healing system with you.

For what to wear and bring to class, scroll below the workshop registration links. Scroll further for links to location map and for information about the cancellation policy and discounts.


Your Registration indicates agreement with discount and cancellation policies, which are listed below.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Discounts: Generally, a $40-50 discount is given for registrations received 4 weeks before for 2-day classes and a similar discount is translated for shorter and longer workshops.

To REGISTER ONLINE with a credit or debit card, or bank transfer, see below. PLEASE NOTE: for some workshops, YOU will need to enter workshop information-title-dates-location and the TUITION in NUMBERS ONLY, without the dollar sign, on the page that opens after you click the purchase button, below.

The Merchant Bank is Paypal but you do NOT need to have a Paypal account. To use credit or debit card accounts or to payt through your bank account do not login to Paypal. These payment choices are below the optional Paypal login - scroll down and click there.

To REGISTER WITH via your checking acount, you may send payments directly from your bank as described above or via Zelle Quick-Pay. Contact your bank to set up the Zelle payment option. Call us to get info on where to send it.

If you are mailing a check, contact The Sun Center, email or call 312-280-1070 to let us know.

Include workshop dates and location with your payment,
payable to The Sun Center, to:
------- The Sun Center, 1818 N. Wells Street, 3rd Flr, Chicago, IL 60614

- PAYPAL CREDIT allows you to pay nothing now, and no fees at all IF you pay the balance in full within 6 months. You can use their money now, set up an automatic or repeating monthly payment via your bank and pay no fees! Apply with Paypal, click on the blue link.

Earning from Learning: Ideas and opportunities are presented in hands-on workshops that enable students to increase or generate new income as a result of their new skills / training and promote their practice. Each workshop provides new opportunities.

2019 Trainings

October 18-20, 2019 ~ Ortho-Bionomy® in Palatine, IL

Structural Alignment & Balance for the Extremities
October 18-20 - Friday and Saturday. 9am-6pm. Sunday 9am-1pm - Max 16 students.
20 Ortho-Bionomy® Program Phase 4 (1-4) units
20 BCTMB CEs, ABMP, AMTA and MT License Renewal for most states.

Pre-requisite: None
. Introduction and Essential Elements is part of this live workshop.

$375 EARLY if paid by September 18. $425 September 19 or later. Max 16 students.

Register here
and get workshop details at the website for Body-Mind-Learn Center in Palatine, IL.

2020 Trainings

? 2020 in Virginia Beach, VA

March 2020 in Palatine, IL

April 2020 in Palatine, IL

June 2020 in Chicago, IL

August in Palatine, IL

October in Palatine, IL

November in Chicago, IL

Details and specifics to come!

An Ortho-Bionomy® Approach to Dr. Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes
Chapman's 2020 Package Discount

TBD, 2020 - 24 CE / units - Early by 4 weeks prior / later.

Chapman's Reflexes Group 1 - Resolving Sciatica and Colon Issues
TBD, 2020 - Saturday 9am-6pm - Max 10 students.
Pre-requisite: One two-day Phase 4 Spine, Pelvis & Ribcage workshop or equivalent. Please inquire.

8 NCTMB CE hours | 8 Ortho-Bionomy Chapman's Reflexes units
$170 Early (4 weeks by / $195 or later.

Whole Body Evaluation and Treatment
Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes for Pelvic-Thyroid-Adrenal Syndrome
 (Dr. Owens' Protocol)
Sunday and Monday, 9am-6pm - Max 10 students
Includes 3 hour Home Study Course, Introduction to Working with Chapman's Reflexes

19 NCTMB CE hours | Ortho-Bionomy units, Chapman's Reflexes
$365 Early by ----- (4 weeks) / $405 after. 

Register with button and type in amount
for the Chapman's April 2019 Series (at The Sun Center in Chicago).
Note discount for the Series Package.
Please write workshop title - dates - location in the white box - click on the button and write the total price you are paying on the next page:

EARLY Discount is 4 weeks prior to class

EARLY $620 ~ Chapman's 2019 Package
Option: 2 payments of $310 paid in full by

EARLY $170 ~ Sciatica and Colon Issues
EARLY $365 ~ Whole Body Eval and Treatment
EARLY $115 ~ Integrating Chapman's Reflexes


Regular Registration later

$680 ~ Chapman's April 2019 Package
Option: 2 pmnts of $340 paid in full

$195 ~ Sciatica and Colon Issues
$405 ~ Whole Body Eval and Treatment
$135 ~ Integrating Chapman's Reflexes



ARRIVAL, WHAT TO WEAR and BRING: Please plan to arrive fifteen minutes early the first day of the workshop. Unless otherwise indicated, weekend workshops are 9am-6pm which includes a lunch break (about 1 or 1:30pm) to a nearby location. For your comfort, please wear or bring, loose-fitting clothing and socks or slippers, and dress in layers to accomodate changes in room temperature and Chicago’s changing weather. Bring one sheet (fitted or flat) and face cradle cover, pen/pencil and paper, water and funds for going out to lunch. If you have special dietary concerns and needs, please see to it that these needs are covered (bring a snack, special foods if required, etc.).

It is well-known that we learn best when we open our minds to consider new or different information and embody a spirit of playfulness and curiosity. A sense of play, with respect for the group process and consideration for each and every person will make for a harmonious learning environment, easy assimilation of the material and a delightful weekend.


The Early Registration discount for a class is listed on the workshop description page or on the registration page or both.

The full amount of registrations paid will be refunded if Instructor cancels class.

REFUNDS for most classes - unless otherwise noted
1-3 day classes include a non-refundable deposit of $30.
If you cancel at least 30 days before class you will receive refund or class credit minus $100.
If you cancel less than 30 days before class you will receive class credit minus $100.
If you cancel less than 14 days before class there is no refund, no credit for fees paid.
No refunds will be given for students who do not cancel or do not attend part of class.

REFUNDS for Immersions
Immersions include a non-refundable deposit of $60.
If you cancel at least 30 days before class you will receive refund or class credit minus $200.
If you cancel less than 30 days before class you will receive 50% class credit.
If you cancel less than 14 days before class you will receive 30% class credit.
No refunds will be given for students who do not cancel or do not attend part of class.

Longer trainings have limited space, require more preparation and advance planning on everyone's part - students, the instructor(s) and venue. Notice of cancellation must be received via phone voicemail and email to ensure clarity of communication.

Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

REFUNDS for Residentials
Residentials require 9-12 months or more advance planning to secure an appropriate location. Deposits and contracts are required to reserve rooms for dates chosen. These refund policiies are based on the refund policies and needs of our venue. For clarity of communicaiton, notice of cancellation must be received via phone voicemail and email.

- Reserve your spot with a $250 deposit; there is a non-refundable registration fee of $100.
- If you cancel less than 100 days before class you will receive a refund minus $250 of all fees paid. (After 2/22 for 2018)
- If you cancel less than 35 days before class you will receive a refund of 50% of the total registration fee. (After 4/22 for 2018).
- No refunds will be given for students who cancel less than 3 days before class or who do not cancel or do not attend class.

Your registration indicates agreement with these refund policies as listed above and on the registration page. No exceptions.

Again, these refund policiies are based on the refund policies of our venue and are customary and usual for these types of events.

ABOUT EARLY REGISTRATIONS AND REFUNDS: Early registrations help everyone plan and help ensure that the workshop space is large enough to accomodate the registrants and that there are enough registrants for the workshop to take place. It's also a way to pay a reduced tuition. Workshops with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled two weeks / 14 days before the workshop and all fees will, or course, be returned or applied to another workshops, as you wish.

Cancellations on the part of participants are almost always due to unforeseen, often unfortunate circumstances outside our control. Early registration savings and other special discounts typically more than offset the cost of the occasional need to cancel for a continuing student. That said, we understand that not everyone can plan in advance so we try to keep registration open as late as possible based on availability since class size has natural limits.

This policy is customary and usual. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International®
and is used with permission.

E-mail SUNCENTER@wholisticlifecenter.com. Please type "WORKSHOP" in the subject line. Phone 312-280-1070.