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Sessions are by appointment only during the weekday and evening. Scheduling an appointment indicates agreement with the cancellation policy, below.

When contacting Ann to schedule, please indicate your avabilability. To schedule, call 312-280-1070 or email: suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com (type APPOINTMENT in subject line).

The Initial Appointment includes consultation and treatment session:
Allow 90 minutes...........................130 fee

Consultation includes discussion, total body evaluation and one area of focus:
Fory-five minutes..................................$75

Sessions after the initial appointment are typically 60 or 90 minutes. Longer or shorter sessions may be scheduled, as needed; fees will be pro-rated.

Fees are on a sliding scale, based on need and ability to pay. Annual household income is the basis for the range, with low and high end as follows:

Lless than and up to $40,000 -- $130,000 or more at the high end.

Allow an additional 15 minutes:
60 minutes.............$ 100-130

75 minutes.............$ 125-155

90 minutes............ $ 150-180

45 minutes.............$ 75-90

My appointment date(s):

The sliding scale offers people flexibility in payment, according to need and ability to pay. This is helpful for clients who need frequent, ongoing sessions, as in the case of chronic conditions or important life changes. Change takes time, and requires consistent, ongoing support to interrupt and resolve the underlying cause of old familiar patterns, and to successfully establish the preferred new changes.

Longer sessions are good for chronic stuff, trauma resolution, life changes or for people who have difficulty scheduling as frequently as needed. Shorter more frequent sessions are optimal when tension is related to work and recurring, or the cause of tension is unknown.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy: 36-hour notice (Sunday not included) is required to avoid paying the full fee for the appointment you scheduled.

This policy is customary and usual for appointment-based professions, and best enables me to work fairly with everyone. Even with 36-hour notice, the likelihood that someone else will be available to fill your appointment time is slim to none.

Your courtesy and cooperation is appreciated.

Why wait to feel better or to free yourself of limiting patterns?

Simply call 312-280-1070 or email to schedule your appointment.

Here's to being the best we can be - to your good health, joy and fulfillment!

Thank you for visiting.

When contacting us: Please write WORKSHOP or APPOINTMENT in subject line. Include available times.
Email: SUNCENTER@wholisticlifecenter.com. Or call 312-280-1070.