Why are some workshops named as "Phases"?


The term Ortho-Bionomy means, "the corrective application of the laws of life." Originally called Phased Reflex Techniques, the "phases" in Ortho-Bionomy relate to the general concept that everything in life is a process, everything happens in phases, including our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution.

The focus of Ortho-Bionomy Workshops is on improving our health and well-being through application of these laws. Our bodies are incredible self-regulating, self-healing lifeforms with innate reflexes that are constantly at play, processing life, correcting imbalances and maintaining homeostasis -- in phases. Everything requires maintenance, even our incredible physical lifeforms. Remembering the natural laws of life helps us to be more relaxed in our lives and in our bodies.

The Phases also relate to techniques that range from more physical to more energetic and facilitate the natural process of self-correction, self-healing on different levels, to achieve the greatest benefit. The founder of Ortho-Bionomy, Arthur Lincoln Pauls described the phases in various ways at various times, depending on the context. His most recent description of Phases 1-5 was given at a Residential in Italy in 1996. He describes his process of exploration and discovery of a system that he could teach to others; teaching begins with Phase 4, but would not have happened without Phases 1-3. Additional descriptions accompany his statements.

Phase 1: "(Dr) Jones' work (positional release); touch and check and ask how it feels." (From his teaching) You hold the position, don't move, watch the clock; it's the same every time for every person.

Phase 2: "Sometimes we get it right; sometimes not; we don't know why." (From his teaching) For Arthur, Phase 1 was too mechanical. Don't move, watch the clock. It is serious, boring. Hmmmm.....maybe if I do it differently, it would take less time?

Phase 3: "Do the technique; rotate, side bend reasonably well." (From his teaching) Experimenting is more fun. Sometimes he got a better result by exploring, playing with positioning, movement and timing.

Phase 4: "Know the correct angle, do it exactly." Connect with and sense each individual's response and timing. This is a more interactive way of working. (One cay while working with Phase 4, Arthur encountered the next phase, surprisingly. New challenge is to find out what happened and how to re-create it.)

Phase 5: "You don't do it. You may happen to introduce a corrective pattern using one of the technqiues, later you notice what you did. . . . let the energy of the person guide you. . . ." (From his teaching:) "Phase 5 begins when we become aware that we are not working on someone but with them."

Phase 6: (From his teaching) "It came to me that this energy (in the aura) could be used to express the patterns of a structural fault, and if successful, help it to find it's true pattern of correction. . . . the body reflects its inner emotional patterns through its tension in the structure (muscular armouring)." The concept of Unity comes into play in Phase 6.

Phase 7: (From his teaching) Arthur was searching for a way to be able to bring about a change for the better by a transference of energy, using images or symbols. Something he could teach. After 5 years of seeking, his answer arrived in a dream. Phase 7 facilitates healing at a distance, whereby the person is not necessarily in the room

Phase 8: Arthur did not establish a Phase 8 or beyond. But in one workshop we created one liners for the phases. "Phase 8?" said we. "Will have to wait," said he. In addition to the physical sciences Arthur studied Eastern Philiosophy and mystical sciences. The number 8 represents death, rebirth, and, sideways, is the sign of infinity. The metaphysical sciences describe seven levels of human evolution. Arthur died, moved out of his human form in 1997 -- numbers which add up to 8.

Another description is: Phase 1, an unconscious body shifting towards comfort, as when we sleep; Phase 2, a more conscious shifting to find comfort; Phase 3, seeking therapeutic release of tension; Phase 4, a tried and true, specific position that creates an effective release that works every time, and so on, as above.