Ortho-Bionomy® Workshops
The Neck: Phase 4 (includes 1-4) & More


Save your thumbs, hands, elbows and backs, and get great results-really!
Craniosacral Therapists will find their work with the O-A junction, jaw and dural tube clearing vastly improved.

Scalenes, SCM, Sub-occipitals and Every Vertebra in the Neck.

Learn how to address and release tension in the scalene and sternocleidomastoid muscles safely, effectively and with ease. Learn releases for every vertebra in the neck and for the tenacious suboccipital muscles. Feel the muscle tension melt under your fingers. Results are long-lasting.

These techniques help relieve joint pain, muscular pain, fascial pain, referred pain, tingling and problems related to nerve impingement; increase range of motion and flexibility; speed recovery from injury; as well as promote deep, restorative relaxation and stress relief, which is so important to health and prevention of illness. Function, circulation and overall well-being arise from within.

Instruction in every Ortho-Bionomy workshop includes body mechanics, anatomy review, how to assess, release, re-pattern and integrate changes in tension and movement range to help restore alignment.

For Ortho-Bionomy certification: Although not advanced in concept, because this workshop incudes material not included in Phase 4 (includes 1-4) core curriculum, it qualifies for 4 units Phase 4, 4 units Advanced Phase 4.


At The Sun Center in Chicago, IL


Contact: The Sun Center at 312-280-1070 or email suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com

Septemer 16, 2018
9am-6pm - 8 NCTMB CE hours | 8 Ortho-Bionomy units
Pre-requisite: None
$170 Early 8/25 / $195 regular registration. Max 10 students.

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Neck Muscles + Every Vertebra
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