Workshops in St. Louis, MO
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To register and for other details, please contact:

Healing Arts Center
Sandy, Continuing Education,
Toll-Free: 1-866-647-8080

Workshop Location:
Healing Arts Center
2601 South Big Bend Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63143

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Workshop Times. Please confirm times with the Continuing Education Department at the School.
Typically, we meet Friday 6-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm, for 20 units / CE Hrs of training.

Ortho-Bionomy Professional Training
The Healing Arts Center together with Ann Hoeffel, Advanced Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy, are proud to offer Ortho-Bionomy Workshops in St. Louis as part of the center's Continuing Education Department. Workshops fulfill requirements for continuing education for IL state license, for membership in professional associations, and for registration as a Practitioner with the Society of Ortho-Bionomy, International.
All are welcome.

We are so excited to share this amazing work with you all. Naturally, bodyworkers of various modalities choose Ortho-Bionomy to fulfill continuing education requirements. This is entirely appropriate. Each workshop stands on its own. Techniques learned integrate very well with other modalities. For instance, clients who have received massage with Ortho-Bionomy rave about it ("best of both worlds"). Shiatsu practitioners find opening the body's structure and relaxing soft tissue helps open the energy flow. Students will be able to develop and expand their skills at their own pace.

Certification Program. The workshop schedule we envision will also build towards certification, so students who want to specialize in Ortho-Bionomy will be able to pursue their goal at a gentle, but steady pace. We want the timing and learning pace to be as convenient as possible for participants who choose to become Practitioners; we invite your input. Each weekend will present 16-24 units. The first year will consist mostly of Foundation Level Workshops. Review, small group and individualized hands-on learning, referred to as study groups and tutorials, will be available as needed. The second year will build on the foundation with "advanced" workshops, more small group study, case study discussion, and individualized hands-on training with Ann. As the training evolves, we'll schedule a Residential learning experience. Based on a pace of 3-4 workshops each year, Practitioner Training can be completed in four years. We are open to your feedback.

Student input will help us fine-tune workshop timing and the pace at which students wish to pursue the program. Requirements for Associate Training will be met along the way, in 2 years. Courses will be offered more than once, as needed. Again, we invite your input.

First year 2010, Foundations: Introduction, Essential Elements & Foundation Phase 4 (think 1-4), Spine & Pelvis, Ribcage & Ribs, Upper & Lower Extremities, Dynamic Release of Restricted Movement & Patterns (aka Exploration of Movement Patterns), Dr. Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes for Upper Extremities and Lower Body. Appointments for individualized hands-on training with the instructor are also available.

Second year 2011 includes special training required for Associate Membership: Phase 5: Physical & Energetic Reflexes, Phase 6: Physical & Auric Connections, Ethics & Emotional Issues, Small Group Study / Clinical Conversations (case study discussion and review), Individualized hands-on training with the instructor.

Second year 2011 also welcomes new students to Foundations: Introduction, Essential Elements & Foundation Phase 4 (think 1-4), Spine & Pelvis, Ribcage & Ribs, Upper & Lower Extremities. One Foundation weekend meets pre-requisites for Phase 5 and 6, required for Associate Training. Appointments for individualized hands-on training with the instructor are also available.

Third year 2012-2013, Isometrics, Postural Re-Education & Post Techniques for students with Foundation training. Interwoven with these workshops will be workshops required for completion of the Practitioner Training Program for continuing students, including Demonstration Skills, Practitioner Training Seminar, Business Skills (can be waived) a Residential learning experience, Phase 4 (strengthen the Foundation) Small Group Study (case study discussion and review) and individualized hands-on training with the instructor.

To see a list of the requirements to become a Registered Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy, click here.

Parking: Free parking around buildling.

Nearest airports: Lambert St. Louis International Airport

Public Transportation: Inquire with the school for MetroBus. Amtrak and MetroLink can get you within a mile of the school. A MetroLink station is less than 1 mile from the school. Map of Metrolink Stations close to the school (Maplewood) and our preferred hotel, Marriott SpringHill Suites (Maplewod or Brentwood).

Lodging: So far, Marriott SpringHill Suites is our preferred lodging. About one mile from the school, room share and ride share can be coordinated. When you register, let the Center know you'll be staying overnight and we'll facilitate transportation to workshops. Room includes full breakfast, great cable TV, internet, a sitting area with desk and a hide-a-bed; King $89, 2 Queen $99 (consider the hide-a-bed). There is a children's swimming pool and an exercise room with treadmill and weights. Several appealing restaurants are within one block. Hotel provides a list from which you can order for delivery. There may be special prices through Expedia, Priceline and other online reservation companies. There are also gift certificate cards awarded when payment is made on a specific credit card. After I inquired about it, I received a $15 voucher for each night, to be awaded as a Visa gift card, thanks to a student in-the-know. With my inquiry the hotel happily switched the charge. Be sure to inquire with the hotel or booking company regarding specials. Enroll a friend in the workshop, split costs, have someone to practice with between classes. The Healing Arts Center gives you a certificate for a massage when you bring a new student to a workshop!