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Physical & Energy Field Re-balancing - Ortho-Bionomy Phase 6


Science has powerfully revealed that body, mind, heart and soul/spirit co-exist simultaneously in every cell in the body. Special cameras photograph the aura. It has long been said that 90% of all communication is non-verbal. We are communicating with and through our energy field all the time.

This workshop is designed to teach participants access and track sensation and energetic perception in themselves and in their clients, and to learn how to make contact without necessarily engaging physically. Techniques will be presented that tap into, monitor and acknowledge the inter-relationship between energetic, unconscious, emotional and physical levels, and that demonstrate how energetic shifts can affect changes in physical patterns.  Energy becomes more palpable, less mysterious with ample time for practice in this two-day workshop.  We will discuss when to work with energy, how to do energy self-care (ooooooh) and how to integrate energy work with other modalities you use in your work everyday.

"Hi, Ann!
I was at your Phase 6 class, and i asked about helping someone with endometriosis. You suggested trying once a week. I had tried the 10-pt protocol of CranioSacral in the past, but it didn't seem to make a difference. So for the past 2 weeks, i've balanced her psoas (which was tight on one side), balanced her ilium (which was only off balance the first week), made her body aware through Chapman's points that her uterus is more to the right side and toward the front. It corrected itself each time. I've used Phase 6 to balance the energy in her uterine chakra (i don't remember what it's called), her heart chakra and her 3rd eye. I've done the Crown balancing, as well as induced a still point and some sacral-occiputal rocking (from CST).

Yesterday, she got her period. For the past 2 years, every cycle has had at least one full day, into the next, with debilitating pain, leaving her curled up, crying in bed for a day or two. The 2nd or 3rd day, there is still pain, but she is relieved and able to cope with it. She told me that yesterday, which was the 1st day, felt like the 3rd days have in the past -- no debilitating phase this time!!! What i've been doing is the only thing different!

So thank you for the suggestion and for teaching O-B! Just wanted to share a success story. Looks like i'll be seeing her regularly. It's both rewarding and affirming for me.
-- L. K. - Massage Threapist - IL

Pre-requisite: Introduction & Essential Elements, which can be completed as a Home Study Course before the workshop, or a previous Ortho-Bionomy workshop.


The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


Contact: The Sun Center at 312-280-1070 or email suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com

September 19-24, 2016.
Part of the ENERGY Immersion.

Integrating Techniques for The Way You Work

16 NCTMB CE Hours | 16 Ortho-Bionomy program units.
Early savings with registration 6 weeks early.


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