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Physical & Energetic Healing Reflexes - Ortho-Bionomy Phase 5


Why is it that some people don't improve as quickly or as completely as others?  

Trauma engages a survival mechanism that has a dramatic impact on our human system. This kind of tension and pain requires a different approach. Clients with chronic pain, injuries and other trauma, including surgery or accidents, have achieved more immediate and lasting results when Ortho-Bionomy Phase 5 is part of their treatment.  

With this training, expand your practice by acquiring new skills and a new set of tools that release tension on physical and energetic levels simultaneously. Through the practice of observing, allowing and skillfully supporting subtle movement patterns in joints and tissue, tension is released, holding patterns unravel, range of motion increases and pain dissipates, restoring ease and function. More subtle means more effective for many clients, and less effort for the practitioner.   

Underlying principles and techniques will be demonstrated and practiced:

  • How and why more subtle work often relieves tension and pain that defy other techniques.
  • Develop sensitivity and skill to sense where the body is holding, and allow self-corrective movements initiated by the client to unwind tension patterns.
  • How to work through layers of soft tissue with more ease.
  • How to engage the body's physical-energetic reflexes to initiate release and rebalancing from within.
  • How to do less and let the body be your guide for creating comfort and lasting change.
  • Gain another approach that increases your effectiveness with clients and leaves you with energy to spare at the end of the day.

Pre-requisite: Introduction & Essential Elements, which can be completed as a Home Study Course before the workshop, or a previous Ortho-Bionomy workshop.


The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


Contact: The Sun Center at 312-280-1070 or email suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com

September 19-24, 2016.
Part of the ENERGY Immersion.

Integrating Techniques for The Way You Work

16 NCTMB CE Hours | 16 Ortho-Bionomy program units.
Early savings with registration 6 weeks early.


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