Ortho-Bionomy Workshops
Structural Alignment & Balance using Proprioceptive Positioning
Ortho-Bionomy Phase 4 (includes 1-4)


Introduction & Essential Elements: Connection & Sensing
Learn about the science of proprioception, then experience it. Science comes alive as you explore the surprising effectiveness of working WITH the body's self-correcting reflexes and WITH the client. This workshop trains students in the essential touch of deep self-correction, such as how much pressure to use, how to sense and engage the client's self-correction; how to elicit feedback from clients when needed, especially important for clients with debilitating pain. (Often available as Home Study Course with hands-on application in class)
No Pre-Requisites.

Phase 4 (includes 1-4): Positions of comfort, related to structural imbalances, release stress and tension in muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons by stimulating the body's self-corrective reflexes, often in as little as 10-30 seconds. When the tension is released in this way, the body restores its natural alignment. Function, circulation and overall well-being arise from the inside-out.

These techniques help relieve all kinds of joint pain, muscular pain, fascial pain, referred pain, tingling and problems related to nerve impingement; increase range of motion and flexibility; speed recovery from injury; as well as promote deep, restorative relaxation and stress relief, which is so important to health, prevention of illness and to longevity.

In-depth training includes: 1) principles of self-healing responses, 2) anatomy review, 3) assessments, 4) demonstration and step-by-step review of release, re-pattern and integration techniques, 5) ample time for hands-on practice by participants, giving and receiving the work, 6) discussion and question and answer, 7) body mechanics to help the therapist maintain ease in their own body while helping clients.

Additionally, in each workshop we will discuss how to integrate new techniques with modalities you use in your work eeryday and how to adapt new techniques to each person's individual needs. Work received in class often goes a long way to alleviateparticipants' chronic body issues. Put new skills to work for you the next day.

Spine & Pelvis (includes Neck):

  • Four ways to release the psoas without causing pain, a significant factor in low back pain and posture
  • Self-care for the psoas, the fight-flight-or freeze stress reaction, essential for chronic tension
  • Soft tissue tension release and mobilization of each vertebra of the spine, including every vertebra in the neck, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Balance the pelvis, including mobilization for each ilium, the sacrum and coccyx
  • Releases important to alleviate sciatic pain, scoliosis, and to relieve and prevent headaches
  • The relationship of spine and pelvis to endocrine function.

Ribs & Ribcage:

  • Determine when muscular tension and hard to detect pain patterns in the back are caused by rib misalignment and how to alleviate it
  • Free restrictions in the upper and lower ribcage, including sternum and diaphragm
  • Individual ribs, including raised rib, depressed rib, most common imbalances of 1st and 3rd ribs and their importance to carpal tunnel, freeing the breath, and overall well-being
  • Release imbalances that contribute to thoracic outlet problems, restricted breathing, carpal tunnel & others
  • The importance of the neck, ribcage and thoracic outlet in alleviating problems felt in the upper extremities will also be addressed.

Upper Extremities:

  • Eight tension points important to the structural integrity of shoulder and restoration of function after injury
  • Mobilize and align the joints of shoulder and arm, including scapulae, clavicle, elbow, (including tendonitis/
    osis, tennis elbow and golf elbow), wrist and entire hand (important to carpal tunnel), including carpals, metacarpals, phalanges and each digit of each finger.
  • Release the forearm muscles without causing pain ("aaahhh," massage therapists)
  • Release imbalances in the clavicle and scapula that contribute to thoracic outlet problems, carpal tunnel & others
  • The importance of the neck, ribcage and thoracic outlet in alleviating problems felt in the upper extremities will also be discussed, as time allows.

Lower Extremities:

  • Internal / external femur rotation Four ways to release the psoas without causing pain
  • Release and rebalance patella
  • Structural alignment for femur /tibia, including override / underride, lateral shear, internal/external rotation,
    meniscus, periosteal knee points including the master knee point
  • Rebalance the fibula
  • Restore tibia/talus alignment, calcaneous/talus alignment (important to a wide range of foot problems)
  • Release tension in the the lateral and horizontal arches of the foot, and every bone in the foot
  • Discuss relationship of low back pain, sciatic pain and unstable pelvis to imbalances in the leg and foot.

"Hi Ann - Just wanted to share a success story... I saw a regular client yesterday.. a mechanic with chronic shoulder pain. He is also a musician and has trouble with stiff swollen hands from his mechanic work. I did the whole set of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand releases on the left side and not only was he aligned and pain free, his swollen left hand quickly went down to normal size...something I've never seen on him before. He wiggled his newly flexible fingers, compared his left hand size to his right hand size and was amazed... (me too, this stuff really works)"
-- B.B. Massage Therapist - IL

Pre-requisite: Everyone is welcome. Introduction & Essential Elements is often available as a Home Study Course to be complted before the workshop. A previous Ortho-Bionomy workshop, or similar training also qualifies as a pre-requisite.


Williams Bay, WI - 104 N Walworth (the Bay of Lake Geneva)


Contact: Sandy Wolff, 262-745-9585 or email: sandypearce38@yahoo.com with WORKSHOP in subject line.
Please let Sandy know if you're from out of town and want to lodge at the same location as other students, or room together to share lodging expenses.

September 17-20, 2018

September 17 Study Group
*September 18-19 Structural Alignment & Balance for the Extremities
September 20 Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflexes: Easing Shoulder Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia

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September 17, 2018
Study Group, 4-7pm
3 Ortho-Bionomy Program study group units. Bring your questions.
$75 Early. $85 later.
September 18-19, 2018,
*Structural Alignment & Balance for the Extremities
16 BCTMB CE Hours | 16 Ortho-Bionomy program units.

$325 Early. $375 later.

*Pre-requisite: Home Study Course or Introduction & Essential Elements taken previously, or a previous 2-day Phase 4 workshop with Ann or another instructor. Home Study Course will be emailed to you directly

*Introduction & Essential Elements Home Study Course for NEW STUDENTS!
4 BCTMB CE Hours | 4 Ortho-Bionomy Program units.
*Home Study Course $40. Order below. Home Study Courses are sent via email, once enough participants have registered, from suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com

September 20, 2018
, 9am-6pm
Chapman's Reflexes Group 2 - Easing shoulder pain, fatigue, insomnia - click here for more info.
$170 Early / $195 later.
Pre-requisite: Phase 4 Upper Extremities or Extremities.

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The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


Questions? Contact: The Sun Center at 312-280-1070 or email suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com

October 6-7, 2018 -
Lower Extremities (Includes Introduction & Essential Elements)
Saturday 1-5pm. Sunday 9am-6pm - 12 NCTMB CE hours | 12 Ortho-Bionomy units
$255 Early by September 8 / $295 regular registration.

Pre-requisite: None. This workshop includes Introduction and Essential Elements, a discussion on the science of proprioception, followed by hands-on experience and practice of it.

$265 - Special Marathon Price for this workshop - through October 4. Scroll down for later registrations.

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Note CHANGE OF VENUE - we will be at THE SUN CENTER, 1818 N. Wells Street, 3rd floor, Cgicago - per usual!

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Ortho-Bionomy Lower Extremities - 12 hours

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  The Sun Center, Chicago, IL

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March 22-24, 2019 / or June 28-30 / or September 13-14, 2019
Friday 2-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm
Alignment & Balance for the Spine Pelvis & Ribcage

20 BCTMB CE Hours | 20 Ortho-Bionomy program units.

This weekend workshop includes Introduction and Essential Elements, a discussion on the science of proprioception and hands-on experience of the proprioceptive reflexes.

Reserve your spot and save with registration 4 weeks early by February 22. Max 10 people.

Registration opens in 2019 Your registration indicates agreement with discount and cancellation policies as outlined on the registration webpage.

  Virginia Beach, VA

Contact: 312-280-1070- Or email: suncenter@wholisticlifecenter.com with WORKSHOP in subject line.


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