Ortho-Bionomy Integrated Ways of Working

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Introduction, Essential Elements & Integrated Ways of Working
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Introduction, Essential Elements and Integrated Ways of Working
Inspired by students comments and expressed needs, Ann Hoeffel developed a way to help link principles and theories of healing with specific hands-on exercises, such as how much pressure to use in Phase 4. This unique workshop presents a twenty minute and a one-hour session that students can use to introduce new work and promote their business. It also helps you gain more confidence and achieve excellent results with your clients by learning:

  • How to sense / feel the essential touch of deep self-correction such as how much compression to do in Phase 4;
  • How to comfortably introduce new concepts and techniques to clients;
  • How to give clients an experience / awareness of their body's healing capacity and self-corrective nature;
  • How to weave together a variety of techniques to create a flexible format for an Ortho-Bionomy session that can be adapted to include modailties you currentlly use in your practice everyday;
  • What it feels like to experience the transformative quality of Ortho-Bionomy's proprioceptive self-correction, and your own, natural healing reflexes from the inside-out. Receive what you give (about four hours of being on the table)..

Why Ortho-Bionomy? The benefits -- for clients and practitioners! The best answer, of course, is in the happy faces of thousands of people who live without pain (or with much less pain) and enjoy renewed life force because Ortho-Bionomy works so well.  Imagine a comprehensive system with a range of techniques that release tension and pain without causing pain, restore alignment, improve function and well-being with more ease, immediacy and lasting benefit than you might have thought possible. Yes, REALLY!
Free. Reservation required to reserve your spot for this one-hour Introduction.

Introduction & Essential Elements: Connection & Sensing
Learn about the science of proprioception, then experience it. Science comes alive as you explore the incredible effectiveness of working WITH the body’s self-correcting reflexes and WITH the client. This workshop trains students in the essential touch of deep self-correction, such as how much pressure to use, how to sense and engage the client's self-correction; how to elicit feedback from clients when needed (ie. clients with debilitating pain).
No Pre-Requisites

Integrated Ways of Working
Many students have asked for help with presenting new techniques to their clients. Others asked for a protocol for a session. Other students want to get more experience with new techniques before trying them out with clients. Here's help. You will come away from this workshop with a flexible format for a twenty minute and a one-hour tune-up that you can creatively adapt to clients, or practice immediately as is. Offer continuing clients an introduction to this deep, gentle, natural system of healing. Improve the health of friends and family and gain confidence with additional practice time. Techniques can also be combined with current modalities that you use with clients everyday. Experience the body’s self-corrective nature, learn a variety of techniques and how to weave them together to deepen and integrate changes within the body. Advanced students appreciate how this class “pulls it all together.” Relax into the incredible effectiveness of Ortho-Bionomy. Receive about 4 hours of therapeutic work. (Ortho-Bionomy Integrating Techniques as part of Practitioner Training workshop or Elective, 8-12 units)
Pre-requisites: Essential Elements, which is often included within the workshop.


The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


Contact: The Sun Center, 312-280-1070.
Register online now: Registration / Cancellation Policies

Introduction, 3-4pm. Free.
Introduction & Essential Elements, 4 units / CE Hrs.
December 7, 2012. Friday, 3-7pm
Tuition: $ 70 if by November 2. $85 after 11/2/2012.

Register for the entire weekend, get 20 CE Hrs and save on tuition:
Postural Re-Education & Post Techniques - click for details
December 8-9, 2012, 16 units Ortho-Bionomy / NCTMB CE Hrs


Goodwin House, Alexandria, VA


Contact: The Sun Center, 312-280-1070.
Register online now: Registration / Cancellation Policies.

Essential Elements & Integrated Ways of Working, 16 units
March 13-14, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday, 9:30am-6:30pm
Tuition: $295 if by February 5. $335 after 2/5/2013.

Study Group, March 12, 9:30am-12:30pm.
$58 if by 2/5/13. $73 after 2/5/13.

Appointments March 12 with Ann are available beginning at 1:30.
Sliding scale for students, $90-120/hr.

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