Ethics, Energy, Emotions
Ortho-Bionomy Workshop


Ethics, Energy, Emotions
This class fulfills Illinois State License Renewal requirements,
NCBTMB’s required 6 hours Ethics and includes Standard V: Roles and Boundaries. It also fulfills requirements for the Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner Programs.
Pre-requisite: For professional bodyworkers.

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Having a clear, well-founded Code of Ethics provides therapists with a solid platform on which a successful practice can fluorish. As bodyworkers, it is crucial that we understand and are prepared to meet the special challenges that arise in an intimate work setting such as ours. Creating a safe environment and effective communication with clients of expectations and limitations is foundational.  

The intention of this workshop is to support and empower therapists in refreshing their professional and personal Code of Ethics with renewed understanding. Through an open-hearted, non-judgmental discussion of unusual situations that arise, surprises, fears and doubts, therapists can feel less isolated and gain insight. Topics covered will be open to participants and will include clarifying boundaries, limitations, what to do when emotions arise, areas of personal growth and how to meet them responsibly.

Please bring to class: Pen or pencil and paper, and an openness to discussing topics presented.


The Sun Center in Chicago, IL


Contact: 312-280-1070 or email 

Ethics, Energy, Emotions
September 23, 2014

Tuesday, 10am-1pm, 3 units / CE Hrs.
No Pre-requisites.
$58 if by September 2. $75 after 9/2.


A private location in Hanover Park, IL


Contact: Erin Battersby, 630.855-4424 or email   

Ethics, Energy, Emotions
September 28, 2014

Sunday, 12-3pm, 3 units / CE Hrs.
No Pre-requisites.
$58 if by August 24. $78 after 8/24.

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