Craniosacral 1.
Pre-requisite: Previous light touch training or experience. This is designed as continuing education.

Ortho-Bionomy training is a perfect pre-cursor and ongoing study for effectively learning and practicing Cranial Work of any kind. The following enhances your learning and skill but is not a pre-requisite: Ortho-Bionomy Phase 5. Spine & Pelvis. Phase 6. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Workshop location and dates are below the description.

Craniosacral Work is delicate and deep. It requires a lot of listening, stillness and waiting. For this reason, more hands-on practice time and more review is included. As always, the focus is on clearly understanding principles, concepts and each technique, and feeling confident to put new techniques to work with clients. Discussion follows each practice session to further integrate and clarify the work. Students talk a lot about their own and their clients' experiences.

Participants comment on including cranial work in their sessions:
“My whole body felt very different, all week long.  For a full 36 hours I was processing the work done in class. The morning of the second day, I felt different.  Still, it’s as if my arms are floating.”

“One client whom I’ve seen for years expressed amazement at how relaxed she felt.  She didn’t want to get off the table, and she’s someone who is highly reactive and stresses over absolutely everything.”

"One client gave me a $75 tip, yes tip! I told him he paid me too much money. He replied that anyone who can do that to me. . . it's well worth it. The next time he came, he said he'd have to take it (the tip) down to $55 because he would be coming every week from now on."

The classes draws on everything Ann has learned about cranial work since 1986: Introduction to Arthur's (founder of Ortho-Bionomy®) cranial energy work and spirals; Upledger-style work, as well as Ann’s own experience, techniques, research and adaptations of 25 years practice. Clients are great teachers. History and anatomy add to the fascination, including anatomy videos. With awe, we deepen our ritual for Holding Space or "getting out of the way."

CranioSacral 1, 20 units / CE Hrs:

  • History and development of Cranial Work.
  • Concepts and principles.
  • Anatomy, including videos.
  • Working with and freeing the Dural Tube.
  • The Reciprocal Tension Membrane.
  • Listening to the Craniosacral Rhythm.
  • Introduction to Arthur's Cranial energy work with spirals.
  • Arthur’s 7 Basic hand positions.
  • Additions and options to traditional craniosacral releases which may be easier for some practitioners or more effective for some clients.
  • Review along the way.

“I feel more aware and purposeful in my work.  The time just goes. The whole session goes a lot easier.”

“Since last week’s class, I’ve been working so differently.”

“I feel more calm and at peace (in my work).”  

Additions and options to the traditional craniosacral techniques are folded into hands-on work. We discuss the many and varied ways we have of releasing and balancing various joints and muscles related to the CranioSacral System -- the lumbosacral joint, for instance, options for the thoracic inlet release. For continuing Ortho-Bionomy® students, some techniques will be familiar, thus offering possibilities for integrating new hands-on techniques into their current practice.  For new students, it's an opportunity to learn techniques which may be easier for them to do, in terms of body mechanics and comfort level with the client.

“Oh, another thing I’ve been noticing is that people look differently after the cranial work. Their faces look much more relaxed.”

“I just feel so different (after receiving the work).

“It was incredible.  From the moment she picked up my feet I felt so relaxed.  Then when she did the releases at the occiput and went down the dural tube (inside the spinal column) I relaxed even deeper.  It was incredible.  I don’t know how else to describe it.”

Ann’s background in Cranial Work:
(click here for details)  After graduating from CSMT in 1985, Ann took her first CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release Workshop with John Barnes, PT in 1986 and completed his (then) coursework in 1987.  It was through Cranial work and Myofascial Unwinding that she came to Ortho-Bionomy. Ann apparently found her calling with light touch bodywork;  one of her first Ortho-Bionomy instructors assumed she had nearly completed the Practitioner program, and encouraged her to give a session for evaluation. The advanced instructor was surprised to learn Ann had just completed her second Ortho-Bionomy class.  This was encouraging, indeed. What a thrill to be good at something that helps others and is so fascinating.  

Studies include Ortho-Bionomy cranial work and teacher training with Arthur Lincoln Pauls, founder of Ortho-Bionomy, and instructors Allison Baensch, Terri Lee and Luann Overmyer; Upledger-style work with John Upledger, DO and Upledger Institute instructors, and John Barnes, PT.  In the 90’s Ann did some Teach Assisting with the Upledger Institute which further deepened her understandings and ease in doing CranioSacral Therapy.  

Since a student commented that Ann uses a lot of the same language and descriptions as in Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, Ann began looking into this work. She has been delighted and amazed at the crossovers.  It has added depth and richness to her work and teaching.

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"I am so humbled to teach this subtle, potent work. I am doing my very best to infuse it with clarity, respect, hands-on skill and an openness to feedback.  A big thank you to the students who have encouraged me to step into this teaching — thank you for your prodding and patience.  It is rich, indeed.  It’s not for everyone, nor should it be.  From experience, I know many people take CranioSacral Therapy workshops and few practice it. Ortho-Bionomy training is a perfect pre-cursor and ongoing training for learning and effectively practicing Cranial Work of any kind. It keeps training us in light touch, in floating, allowing, doing nothing and waiting for the body's innate intelligence to arise, recognize an imbalance and self-correct.  My greatest concern is that students practice the work effectively.  So far, so good, on we go. . . . " ~Ann Hoeffel

“Last week I practiced everything we learned in (Cranial) class on every client. It was wonderful. They all loved it!”

“Since last week’s class, I’ve been working so differently.”

“The class refreshes and enlightens my practice.”

Craniosacral 2: Expansion of everything learned in Craniosacral 1. Updates. Expansion of Arthur's Cranial energy work and spirals. Five additional hand positions. Stillpoint Induction. Review along the way.

Craniosacral 3 is being developed.



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Craniosacral Introductory Lecture Demonstration
October 28, 2012, Sunday 7:30-9pm
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The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


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Craniosacral 3
20 units / CE Hrs.
5 Tuesdays, 10am-2:30pm (short lunch break).

$410 after 4/3/12. $390 if by 4/3. $370 if by 3/27.

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