Stress and Trauma: Facilitating A Return to Balance
Cranial, Brain and Endocrine Balancing

with Ann Hoeffel, Registered Adanced Instructor

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November 22-24, 2019
Friday 2-6pm, Volery Syndrome-Reflex 5, in-depth
4 CE Hours / units Ortho-Bionomy program Phase 5 or 6
$85 Early (4 weeks) | $110 regular tuition. Friday only register here.

Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm, Workshop Lab
6 Ortho-Bionomy Program Study Group units
$275 Early (4 weeks) | $325 regular tuition. Weekend only register here.

Brief description:
An in-depth learning experience with Ortho-Bionomy Volery Reflex 5 on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, learn how to engage the Volery Reflex energy and other energy balancing techniques to facilitate release and re-balancing for visceral organs, the craniosacral system, the nervous system, and specific brain structures involved in the body's response to stress, trauma and injury.   

Volery Syndrome - Reflex 5

This workshop provides an in-depth experience with Volery Reflex 5 and its clinical applications. The founder of Ortho-Bionomy, Arthur Pauls cautioned the practitioner learning this reflex to have patience and "practice, practice, practice. . . ." Only after considerable practice, after you are able to work with comfort and control, will you be able to employ it as a technique.

“Remember the idea behind any exercise is to learn it well enough that it no longer becomes an exercise but rather a natural part of ourselves, like walking." ~ ALP

Stress and Trauma: Facilitating A Return to Balance and Harmony
Cranial, Brain and Endocrine Hands-on Energywork

-- details for 2019 to come.

We will discuss the mechanisms of stress and trauma, how the body responds, where the body stores this energy and the toll it can take on our lives.

Working with great respect for our complex, intelligent life form, we will engage its innate and incredibly effective self-healing and self-organizing nature using the principles of Ortho-Bionomy in new ways. The goal is to support the body in releasing stored stress and trauma in selected structures pertaining to the topic and allow the body to restore health, balance, harmonious function from within.

In other words, we will activate the body's own ability to release tension and restrictions, facilitate fluid and energy flow and restore balance and function, as only the body can do for itself. 

Energy balancing reflexes, including Volery Reflex 5, allow us safe access to areas we literally can't touch, including:
- the endocrine organs of the body,
- the brain, specific structures and glands of the brain,
- the nervous system,
- significant elements of the craniosacral system.

Ann Hoeffel, Registered Advanced Instructor of Orrtho-Bionomy® (since 2006), will be sharing information, understandings, skills and techniques gained throughout her practice, trainings and life - especially during the last 10 years. More about Ann's training.

Note: Special thanks to Tiffany Beese for her inspiring work and SOBI Conference presentation, combining Volery Reflex 5 with neuroscience to enhance brain function, substantially improving the quality of life for her clients and inspiring us to do the same. Tiffany was originally scheduled to teach the neuroscience portion of this workshop, and share her years of experience with clients this weekend. Unfortunately, she needed to cancel. We will surely miss her. Tiffany has a BS specializing in neuroscience and is a Registered Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-BIonomy® and Associate Instructor in New Zealand. We wish her all the best, and send her our love and appreciation.


Background and Development:

To my knowledge, Arthur Lincoln Pauls only demonstrated Volery Syndrome for the first rib, and very briefly. At the time, it seemed like a big wind-up for a first rib release when the isometric release I already knew was easy, simple and very effectively relaxed that 1st rib. Uninspired, I didn't explore it. It seems others felt the same because, to my knowledge, very few Advanced Instructors even presented Arthur's brief first rib demonstration.

In 2017, it became very clear that as a community, we knew very little about this reflex. After 2017 SOBI Conference, inspired by Instructor and Practitioner confusion around Volery Reflex 5 and Tiffany Beese's Presentation on Brain Resolution, I delved deeper into exploring it with myself and then seeing how clients responded to it. In 2018, I embellished on the applications that Arthur presented and brought it to students, spending four hours practicing each time.

Several very interesting things hapened. Reults were unexpected in terms of how the energy very gently touched into an area of the body and then spread to another area and on until, seemingly, it cleared a pattern. We found Reflex 5 to be useful in multiple applications and, as described above, in unexpected ways. It's been fascinating and we're all excited about exploring it further.

A big thank you to my wonderful continuing students who are always encouraging me to share and teach more, more, more of whatever I learn in this amazing field of healing and human life.

They encouraged me to fill the weekend with the new work I've studied and added to my practice on stress and trauma. Previous experience (the pre-requisites) working with energy and Ortho-Bionomy principles set the stage for this new work.


The Sun Center, Chicago, IL


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November 22-24, 2019
Stress and Trauma: Facilitating A Return to Balance and Harmony

November 22, Friday, 2-6pm
Ortho-Bionomy® Volery Syndrome
- Reflex 5
4 units Ortho-Bionomy Phase 5 or Phase 6 (your choice-it fits both places)
$85 Early (4 weeks) | $110 regular tuition.
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November 23-24,
9am-6pm. Max 8 students
Stress and Trauma: Facilitating A Return to Balance and Harmony
Cranial, Brain and Endocrine Balancing

This class is not part of the Ortho-Bionomy curriculum at this time; no program course units will be given.
6 Advanced Study Group units
$275 Early (4 weeks) by...... | $325 regular tuition.
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*Pre-requisite: Volery Syndrome with Ann November 22 or previously, or permission of instructor, plus Ortho-Bionomy Phase 4, 5, 6.

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